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At Bend Wine Cellar, we pride ourselves on helping our customers learn more about wine, where it is from, what influences the flavors and textures.

Wine is made from one or more varietals or types of grapes. The predominant grape (usually defined by law as a minimum of 75 or 85%) is the name of the varietal, as opposed to a blended wine. Blended wines are in no way inferior to varietal wines. In fact some of the world's most valued and expensive wines come from regions where a blend of several grape varieties of the same vintage are harvested. Bend Wine Cellar offers over twenty varietals. You will find some of your favorites. We encourage you to try new ones as well.

Serving temperatures: White wine should be served at a range of between 50 and 55F. Refrigerating white wine for more than 2 hours before serving can dull its flavor and aroma. Set the bottle out a few minutes before serving. Red wine should be served at around 65F. You may actually find you need to chill it a bit before serving. Avoid drips when pouring wine by giving the bottle a slight twist just as you finish pouring.

Try several of the same varietal at your next party or wine tasting and compare the differences. Or stop by our cellar on Saturday afternoon for a varietal tasting at Bend Wine Cellar!