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Join Bend Wine Cellar's "Wine Adventure Program"

When we come across exceptional wines, we want to share our discoveries with our friends and customers. We introduce these wines at our weekly Saturday Tastings. By joining the Bend Wine Cellar “Wine Adventure Program," you don't need to come to Bend to be introduced to these exceptional wines. You will automatically receive them every month. You can select from 4 "wine courses," each intended to help you experience and learn more about the unique qualities each wine has to offer: - Wine is Red: 2 bottles of white wine - Wine is White: 2 bottles red wine - One of Each: 1 bottle of red wine, 1 bottle of white wine from the monthly selections - All of Them: Receive all four of the monthly wine selections (2 red wines and 2 white wines) Pricing and Quantity Information Prices reflect the 'maximum' cost per month. You will always be charged the 'actual cost of the wines,' which will never exceed this amount. Quantity indicates the total number of subscriptions you would like to enroll. If you want to enroll yourself, and request a subscription for a friend, enter 2 in the quantity. We'll contact you to confirm shipping information. Complete details about our Wine Adventure program can be downloaded here. Wine Adventure Information (.pdf) If you prefer, download our optional Enrollment Form to mail or fax to our shop. Wine Adventure Enrollment Form (.pdf) We love wine and find it a great adventure. We hope you will too by joining our Wine Adventure Program!
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