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Special Orders
If you would like to purchase a wine but couldn't find it in our wine shop or listed in our online store, please send us your request. We will do our best to locate it and have it ready for pickup at our Bend, Oregon wine shop or delivered to you.

Please provide us with the following information:
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Following is the type of information that that will help us locate your wine. Please provide in the box below as much information as possible for each wine:
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  • Vintage (year)
  • Winery
  • Appellation (i.e. Bordeaux, Napa)
  • Quantity (1 bottle, 1 case, etc.)
NOTE: If you are requesting several different wines, please indicate the quantity for each wine and place the total number of bottles ordered in the Quantity box.
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*The State of Oregon limits online orders to a maximum of 24 bottles. You may place multiple orders if you would like to order more.

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If you would like us to make a recommendation or help you select a wine, please describe what you might like and any information that will help us select your wine request.

Type (i.e. red, white, rose, desert)
Taste (i.e. acidic, full bodied, smooth, fruity, light)
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Wine Quotes Wine is bottled poetry.

- Robert Louis Stevenson